Cover Reveal - Dead In The Water

February 2021

I'm really excited to share the cover for Dead In The Water. What do you think? I love the tag line Smooth seas never made a skilled killer. I think it captures the theme of this story in a single line. I don't know about you, but that water doesn't look very inviting to me. It looks chilling and deep. The life ring looks so lost and lonely. There's no sign of land, no sign of help.

Dead In The Water is the first novel I have written in the first person. I actually wrote the first six chapters twice - once in first person and once in third person - to see which way worked best, and for this story, with six points of view, I felt first person really suited it.


When Esther's father asks her to move his boat from the Greek Isles to Sicily,

she knows her old university friends will jump at the chance to help her.

A sailing team reunited, a luxury yacht, clear skies, and hot sun—it should be paradise.

But as a once in a decade storm approaches, buried grudges return to the surface and

secrets can't stay private any longer.

The nation's sweetheart, the model, the vet, the hippy, the watcher, and the flirt

—one of them isn't getting off this yacht alive.