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Hide & Seek

DCI Cooper Book Five


When the remains of two young women are discovered buried in a forest, DCI Erica Cooper and her team are tasked with finding out who they are and how they ended up there.

Two things she knows for certain: they weren't hiking, and their deaths weren't accidental.

Dark woods hide darker deeds.

On the picturesque shore of Northern Europe's largest reservoir, things aren't as peaceful as they seem. Something untoward is happening in rural Northumberland. Between shady pasts, drug culture and extremist views, no one in the village is above suspicion.

In this community of hunters, farmers and gamekeepers, it's not the animals being stalked. Someone is chasing human prey.

With questions hanging over Cooper's family and her future, she must battle to keep her mind on the job. Because it's not just a cold-hearted murderer she has to contend with, it's the forest itself. Dark, disorientating and dangerous – there's no phone signal, no one to come to the rescue.

Cooper has to work fast because the killer wants another victim, and he's coming whether she's ready or not.

Hide & Seek is the fifth novel in the DCI Cooper series from Newcastle-born author B Baskerville. Set in the beautiful Northumbrian countryside, this twisty thriller will keep you guessing. Great for fans of LJ Ross, AM Peacock and Howard Linskey.

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