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Northern Roulette

DCI Cooper Book Four


While DCI Cooper rushes to be with her grieving family, the body of a jazz singer is found buried in a giant sandcastle. DS Jack 'Tennessee' Daniel is asked to take on the investigation in Cooper's absence. Delving into the deceased woman's life, but with no friends or family to speak of the woman is a mystery.

Then another beach, another sandcastle, another murder. With seemingly nothing to connect the victims and a suspect field of thousands, Tennessee has to overcome his insecurities, lead the team at CID, and stop the Sandcastle Killings before anyone else is hurt.

When Cooper returns, she is horrified to discover the depraved details of the case. Concerns about her health, her father's business, and her daughter's happiness must be put aside because with this killer…

All bets are off.

Set in the stunning northeast of England, this addictive thriller will keep you guessing until the shocking finale.

Northern Roulette is the fourth novel in the DCI Cooper series from Newcastle-born author B Baskerville. Great for fans of LJ Ross, AM Peacock and Howard Linskey.

If you'd like your local library or independant bookstore to order Northern Roulette, you'll need the ISBN.

ISBN: 978-1-7392445-4-5