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Rock, Paper, Scissors

DCI Cooper Book Two

Macey trusted the good Samaritan. She shouldn't have.

When nineteen-year-old Macey Gallagher goes missing after a night out in Newcastle upon Tyne, DCI Cooper feels as if she is the only one worried about her. During her investigation she unearths a disturbing pattern. Macey isn't the only young woman to go missing in the city. Then a horrifying assault lands on Cooper's desk.

Omar didn't fight back. He should have.

As Omar Ali slipped into a coma he only had the strength to utter two words to Cooper: Bad dog.

A hate crime with horrific injuries and little evidence to go on. Who was the bad dog and why did they target Omar? Cooper must work quickly. She doesn't know who the attacker is, but he knows her. And he is watching.

If you'd like your local library or independant bookstore to order Rock, Paper, Scissors, you'll need the ISBN.

ISBN: 9781739244521