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Roll The Dice

DCI Cooper Book Three

If everyone hates you, everyone has a reason…

When crime boss, Fletcher Blackburn, is gunned down in his own home, DCI Erica Cooper's blood runs cold. The Blackburns aren't the sort to wait for the courts to hand out justice, and with fingers being pointed at a business partner and a rival gang, it isn't long before the violence escalates.

To prevent a gang war, Cooper must solve this case as quickly as possible. She knows the key to the case lies with those closest to Fletcher, but the Blackburns don't trust the police.

A trophy wife, a brother in prison, a merciless son, a spoiled princess, a bookish accountant, and a power hungry nephew.

One of them knows the truth. None of them will open up.

DS Jack 'Tennessee' Daniel thinks most murders are rooted in sex and money but forensic pathologist, Margot Swanson, thinks there's more to this murder than first appears. Still traumatised from the events of last spring, Cooper must keep one eye on the crime families of the north, and one eye on her own. Can she get to the bottom of this before all of Newcastle is burned to the ground?

An unputdownable thriller set in the stunning Northumbrian countryside.

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ISBN: 9781739244538