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The House Always Wins

DCI Cooper Book Seven

Take matters into your own hands, or let the chips fall where they may?

A dream holiday turns into a nightmare when DCI Erica Cooper's leave is abruptly cancelled. Hope East, a left-leaning politician, has been murdered. Was this a political assassination, or does a darker force lurk behind the scenes? The ramifications of Hope's death quickly ripple far beyond the walls of local government, and soon Newcastle finds itself divided like never before.

As tensions escalate and a culture war looms, Cooper must race against time. Can she unravel Hope's murder before the city is changed beyond recognition?

Just as she and the team are making progress, a harrowing massacre in an industrial estate brings death on a scale Cooper has never seen before, and she faces a moral dilemma when it seems the killer is, in a warped way, doing the world a favour.

"The House Always Wins" is the heart-pounding seventh instalment in the DCI Cooper series by Newcastle-born author B Baskerville. Set against the backdrop of Newcastle and Sunderland, this twisty thriller will keep you on the edge. Perfect for fans of LJ Ross, AM Peacock, and Howard Linskey.

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of suspense, where taking justice into your own hands is the ultimate gamble.

If you'd like your local library or independant bookstore to order The House Always Wins, you'll need the ISBN.

ISBN: 978-1739244576.